Bus Schedules

Bus Rules

Please remember, riding the bus is a privilege. In order to ensure all students’ safety, please follow these rules.

  • Respect
    • Every student and driver deserves respect
    • Respect one another in words and actions
    • Keep conversations subdued and encouraging
  • Be responsible. Be safe.
    • Keep your body parts inside the bus
    • Keep the aisles clear
    • Do not tamper with or damage bus equipment
  • Be on time.
  • No food or drinks (including gum) on the bus.
  • The bus is an extension of the school.
  • All school rules apply
  • No animals or pets may ride on the bus, with the exception of seeing eye dogs accompanying a student with blindness.

We will not leave kindergarten students at a bus stop without a parent/guardian there to meet them. We will return any kindergarten students who do not have safe escort home to the school after the route.