TK & Kinder will learn sequencing, problem-solving and how to decompose large tasks into smaller steps.  We will utilize a variety of kinesthetic activities, coding puzzle apps and robots.

1st grade will learn programming fundamentals such as sequencing, events and loops.  We will begin with Code.org's CS Fundamentals course before transitioning to coding puzzle apps and creating their own animated stories in Scratch Jr.

2nd & 3rd grades will learn programming logic such as loops, conditionals, events and broadcasts as they develop problem-solving and algorithmic thinking skills.  We will begin with Code.org's CS Fundamentals course, transition to coding puzzle apps, creative coding and robots!

4th & 5th grades will learn to create their own games and animations in Scratch, a powerful visual programming language and learning environment developed by MIT.  They will employ basic, intermediate and advanced programming concepts as they complete increasingly complex projects.  The will learn to think like a programmer and solve problems with code.


Brent Kollmansberger has been working in the game industry since 1997.  He loves to share his passion for programming and design by teaching kids how to create their own computer games and animations in Scratch, JavaScript and Unity.  He has provided after-school and summer coding camps for students, as well as training for teachers.

He continues to release games onto the Xbox as an indie developer. His games include Wizard RageUltimate DodgeballKick'n ItTransformers Revenge of the Fallen007 Quantum of SolaceSpiderman 3Ultimate SpidermanSpiderman 2 and Klingon Academy.  In addition, he designed and launched over 20 web games as Games Director for FoxKids.

Coding teacher: Mr. K



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World Language

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